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Quality Assurance

We believe that the quality of our products is closely associated with our brands. Our management places emphasis on quality assurance in all our activities - from design, development, procurement to production - to ensure that we satisfy our customers' quality requirements. This emphasis on quality of our products contributed to our success in marketing our products globally in over 45 countries including but not limited to countries such as Japan, Germany and USA which maintain high standards for quality of products.

In line with our quality assurance system, the following procedures have been implemented in our production processes:-


(A) Receipt of Raw Materials

All in-coming raw materials (save for PP granules and ABS granules) are subject to inspection to ensure that they comply with our requirements. We purchase PP materials and ABS from long-term suppliers whom we have previously dealt with and who possess quality assurances that we are comfortable with.

Any raw materials that do not meet our requirements are rejected and returned to the suppliers. Records of the in-coming inspections are maintained to assist us in the continuous monitoring and evaluation of suppliers' performance on their product quality, timeliness in delivery, price and service standard.

Raw MaterialsRaw Materials


(B) Production Process

We subscribe to the paradigm of "doing it right the first time". We conduct quality checks at various stages of our production process to ensure that our products are fit for their purposes. Our quality assurance system aims to prevent defects and detect defects as early as possible to minimise reworking costs. Our system comprises primarily 5 quality control checks: -

  • Each employee inspects his own work
  • Each employee inspects the semi-finished product before commencing work
  • At the assembling stage, the final product is inspected before packaging
  • Throughout the production process, we conduct inspection on samples. Aside from visual inspection, the products are tested mechanically for failure testing and mechanically gauged for thickness
  • Prior to being stored, sampling inspection / testing of our products are conducted at the warehouse
Production ProcessProduction ProcessProduction ProcessProduction Process


(C) Warehousing and Delivery

We perform inspections on our products to ensure that they comply with our customers' required specifications before end-of-line packing for storage or delivery to customers. We specify strict delivery, handling and packing requirements to prevent damage during delivery.



(D) After Sales Service

Customer satisfaction is an important part of our Group's philosophy. We are committed to responding promptly to our customers' complaints on defective products and on enhancing and improving our products based on customers' feedback.