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We have been expanding our production capacity in anticipation of increasing demand and sales.

In 1993, we moved from the leased premises to our First Plant at Zhenfu Road, Jiangkou Town, Hanjiang District, Putian, China with a gross floor area of 4,034.8 sq m.

In 2005, in anticipation of future expansion, we built our Second Plant. Our Second Plant has a gross floor area of approximately 4,165.5 sq m. The First Plant and Second Plant have a combined gross floor area of approximately 8,200.3 sq m.

In anticipation of greater demands for our existing products and the launch of new products, we have constructed the New Plant which comprises 4 buildings with a gross floor area of 29,373.9 sq m. The New Plant is used for manufacturing PP sheets, production of plastic filing and storage products, production of patented products and for administrative purposes. Production of plastic stationery has commenced from part of the New Plant since March 2010.