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Modes of Marketing

We have steadily built up our "SAKURA" brand and it is now well-established and recognised both in China and globally. Our dedicated Sales and Marketing Department will continue to focus on building our own brands, namely, "SAKURA", "NACHI" and "FOLDERSYS".

Our Sales and Marketing Department is led by Lam Chun Wah, who has more than 15 years of relevant experience in sales and marketing. Lam Chun Wah reports directly to our Executive Director, Angus Kwan Chun Jut on export sales and our CEO and Executive Chairman Chan Fung @ Kwan Wing Yin on domestic sales. Chan Fung @ Kwan Wing Yin, has almost two (2) decades of experience in the plastic stationery industry and has an extensive network of contacts both in China and overseas. He also plays a key role in consolidating our Group's position in existing markets and in its expansion in new markets.

The sales and marketing department is responsible for brand building, execution of sales and marketing strategies, monitoring of sales and marketing activities, obtaining feedback from our customers, building relationships with our customers (including distributors, retailers and corporations) and providing market feedback to our Production and R&D Departments.

We promote our "SAKURA", "NACHI" and "FOLDERSYS" brands of plastic stationery products through participation in trade shows and advertisements on billboards and other media in China. Our advertising and promotional activities are conceptualised and carried out by personnel from our Sales and Marketing Department who are also responsible for liaising with third-party service providers such as production houses and advertising agencies. Since 2008, as part of our continuous effort to promote our brands, we increased our advertisement expenditure and entered into an agreement for 81 billboard advertisements throughout China. In 2009, we entered into agreements for advertisement of our brands in major airports in China. We have also been actively participating in international trade shows, both in China and globally. It is our goal to further strengthen our market branding in China. In this regard, we will expand shop-in-shop distribution of our products in China from our existing 52 shop-in-shop that we have presently.

As at 31 July 2011, our Group has more than three hundred (300) distributors worldwide of which fourteen (14) are exclusive distributors. Most of our distributors are in China, followed by Asia, Europe, America and other countries. For China, most of our distributors are in the Guangdong Province, followed by the Fujian Province and Shanghai. Our exclusive distributors are responsible for their assigned territories around the world and they on-sell our products to various retailers in their respective territories. The exclusive distributors are required to obtain a minimum sales target.

Our Sales and Marketing Department is constantly seeking new distributors to extend our sales reach globally, including other countries where we do not currently have a presence. In particular, we intend to work with our existing distributors and engage new distributors to entrench our global footprint.


Our Shop-in-shop

For domestic branding and presence, we established shop-in shop.