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Future Products

In addition to our existing products, new products play an important role to attract new customers and diversify our business. Our future products to be rolled-out include:


(A) Anti-tampering Plastic Envelope

Our anti-tampering plastic envelopes are targeted to be used as an alternative to paper envelope commonly used by the express mail service industry for delivery of documents. This anti-tampering plastic envelope incorporates our proprietary anti-tampering seal, is expandable, water-proof, durable and affordable. Our target customers for the anti-tampering plastic envelopes are global players of express mail service industry as well as post offices in China and other countries.

We commenced the development of the anti-tampering plastic envelope since 2006 and are targeting to commercialise the product by mid 2012.


(B) Second Generation Plastic Tape Printer

We are enhancing our main patented product, the plastic tape printer into the second generation version through continuous R&D. We commenced the development of the second generation plastic tape printer since mid-2009 and intend to commercialise the second generation plastic tape printer, which is smaller than our existing patented plastic tape printer, in the first quarter of 2012. The new type of plastic tape printer is suitable for desktop as well as office usage. The second generation plastic tape could also be utilised as an added security measure when applied to seal envelopes or other mailing parcels.

Our management believes that the anti-tampering plastic envelope and second generation plastic tape printer will contribute positively to our future revenue and profits.