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Competitive Strengths

Our success and future prospects are bolstered by a combination of strengths and advantages as follows:-


(A) Award winning brand which is associated with high quality products

With rising standards of living globally and increasing disposable income, we believe branding plays an increasingly important role in the sale of our plastic stationery products. Since 1992, we have been focusing on building our in-house "SAKURA" brand of products. Going forward, we will focus on strengthening all our brands, "SAKURA", "NACHI" and "FOLDERSYS".

We have generated awareness for our brands through trade shows and advertisements on billboards and through other media in China. Our "SAKURA" brand of products has won numerous awards, certifications and accolades.


(B) Innovative patented products and technical know-how

We have our own R&D department to develop innovative patented products and improve on existing products as we envisage that patented products will allow us to enjoy higher gross profit margins. By growing our patented products, we are able to increase our gross profit margin as compared with non-patented products.

We believe we can maintain the quality of our plastic stationery products as we are in control of the upstream manufacturing of PP sheets via Sakura Plastic. Hence we are able to control the colour, rigidity, durability, colour and design of our files. Our upstream capability also enables us to control our PP sheet production and hence our end products to meet our customer's requirements. This accord us flexibility, as opposed to other manufacturers who bulk purchase PP sheets from third parties. The acceptance of our products overseas, particularly in countries such as Japan, USA and Germany, is a testament of our quality. We produce about three quarters of our PP sheet usage while the balances are purchased from third party suppliers, for instance sourcing specific PP sheets (with special design and specifications).


(C) Extensive distribution network globally and in the PRC and we are not dependent on any single market

Currently, our Group has over three hundred (300) distributors worldwide of which fourteen (14) are exclusive distributors. Our exclusive distributors are responsible for their assigned territories around the world and they on-sell our products to various retailers in their respective territories. The exclusive distributors are required to attain a minimum sales target. Our sales and marketing department is constantly seeking new distributors to extend our sales reach globally.


(D) Experienced management team

Our experienced management team is spearheaded by our Executive Chairman, Chan Fung @ Kwan Wing Yin. Chan Fung @ Kwan Wing Yin is supported by Angus Kwan Chun Jut, our Executive Director and Kwan Wing Sang, our Vice-President of Procurement, Production and R&D. In aggregate they have more than 45 years of experience in the plastic stationery industry.