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Business Strategies & Future Plans

Our strategy and plans for the growth and expansion of our businesses are as follows:


(A) Enhancement of the reputation of our proprietary brands, namely, "SAKURA", "NACHI" and "FOLDERSYS"

We intend to strengthen our brands, namely, "SAKURA", "NACHI" and "FOLDERSYS" through an increase in advertising and promotional activities to create further awareness of our award winning brands, such as an increase in the number of advertisements placed in print media, an increase in the amount of exposure of our brands on the media and by participating in a greater number of local and international trade fairs and exhibitions.

In advancing our retail presence into other provinces, we will be utilising the proceeds to expand the shop-in-shop distribution of our products in China. We expect the increase in the number of shop-in-shop will result in positive contributions to our revenue and profits.


(B) Improve products research, design and development capabilities

We intend to increase our R&D efforts by improving and upgrading our existing R&D facilities. This will involve, inter-alia, acquiring new machineries to carry out R&D and quality control testing of our products. Our R&D efforts involve enhancing our existing products and developing new patented products to maintain and enhance our profit margins. We expect the enhancement of our products and development of new patented products will result in positive contributions to our revenue and profits.


(C) Increase production capacity and improve production efficiency

We expect sales of our products to continue to increase. Accordingly, we intend to upgrade our existing production facilities to increase our production capacity and production efficiency through the purchase of new machineries.